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10 Mistakes People Make When Placing Family In Nursing Homes

Written by Hank Coleman

It’s not an easy decision to place your parents or family members in a nursing home. You’re often filled with many conflicting emotions – guilt, anger, fear, etc. And, these emotions make us rush to a poor decision and make mistakes when deciding which assisted living community to place your loved one.

Grown children and other family members panic and rush into a decision for elderly care. Nursing home decisions should be on the same level as topics such as where to send our children to college, which neighborhood to buy a house in, and what career to pursue.

We study these life-impacting decisions meticulously. And, we need to research nursing homes for our loved ones with the same gusto.

There are a lot of factors that go into picking the right retirement home and a lot of mistakes you can make in the process. You don’t want to make the decision without thinking it through.

Here are ten mistakes that people often make when finding the right nursing home or assisted living facility for their loved ones. Don’t make these mistakes.

1. Making a Decision Too Quickly
One of the biggest mistakes that families make when placing their loved ones in a nursing home is to make a snap decision. Often, things have deteriorated quickly with your family member’s health. You need to make a decision and think that you have to opt for one of the first facilities that you come across.

You should consider visiting several different retirement communities or nursing homes before you make a final decision. Check out facilities during scheduled and unscheduled visits to get a feel for the location, its staff, and the amenities at all hours of the day if possible.

2. Only Looking at the Closest Community
You shouldn’t only consider a nursing home that is closest to you or your parents. Look at several different options in your state or even out of state. While going to a different town may be a little bit of a burden to visit your parents, your assisted living options in your city may be more expensive, not provide the best care, or lacking amenities.

3. Not being Realistic about Your Loved Ones’ Future Needs
It’s hard to find the right nursing home for your loved one because you have to look into the future. You should consider, not just how your parents are right now, but also the kind of care they will need four or five years from now.

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