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30 Ways To Make Money In 2017

Joe Cortez
Written by Joe Cortez

Many of us have at least heard about how America is shifting from an employer’s economy to the “gig economy.” With the rise of many different applications and digital channels to help everyone make a little extra money on the side, more of us are turning to “gigs” in order to augment our income streams, or replace our full-time income. Is it really viable to use a side gig to make money in 2017?

The answer is “Yes!” With more and more work being done through digital devices, companies are relying more on remote workers with a few extra hours available to complete numerous tasks. As a result, anyone who has extra time can find new and creative ways to make more money in 2017, and sustain it for years to come. If you are not sure where to start, here are 30 easy ways to make money in 2017 – and beyond!

1: Drive for a ridesharing service

For those who have part-time jobs, driving for a ridesharing service (like Uber or Lyft) can be an easy and productive way to make extra money between shifts. Most ridesharing services require drivers to have a four-door vehicle that meets inspection standards, and complete a background check.

2: Sign up to be an Amazon Flex Delivery Driver

If you are not excited about picking people up at all hours of the day or night, why not deliver their packages instead? Amazon Flex is running in 30 major American cities, and will launch in two more in 2017. Drivers simply need to apply, set their hours, and wait for a pickup at an Amazon facility.

3: Sign up for Amazon Mechanical Turk

If delivering isn’t necessarily appealing, Amazon still has task-oriented jobs available. Through Mechanical Turk, humans can work through human intelligence tasks that run between ordering items from best to worst, to transcribing audio and video files.

4: Work analyzing social media channels

Transcribing and managing data is not the only work available for those with a computer and some social media savvy. Appen, a company focusing on digital media technology, is openly searching for evaluators to rate and grade social media channels.

5: Create an online storefront

Anyone with a sense of what people want can make extra money using the internet and a number of online storefronts. Many individuals can sell some of their collectible or personal items on eBay for gain, while those who have a little more to invest can sell items and toys that are in demand on Amazon.

6: Write content for websites

Another option involving a computer and knowledge of the English language is writing content for websites. Many credible websites, including CopyPress and Writer Access, offer writing jobs ranging from creating press releases to writing blog posts and landing pages.

7: Create a blog or vlog

Those who would rather create their own content based on an expertise can invest time in creating their own blog online, or videotaping a vlog on YouTube. The most popular blogs can see thousands of views daily, resulting in advertising revenue for the content creator.

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Joe Cortez

Joe Cortez

Joe Cortez is an award-winning journalist focused on credit and personal finance management. His content has been featured by CNN, The New York Post, The Sun, and USA Today, and has been quoted as an expert by The Street, Bravo TV, and The Weather Channel. In his spare time, he can be found traveling the world on points and miles. For more, follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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