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How to Hit Spend Requirements While Credit Card Churning

Pay Your Bills With Your Credit Card

Your mobile, cable, internet, and utilities companies may already allow you to pay your bills using a credit card without tacking a fee. Even if they do tack on a small fee, it’s usually worth paying. You can also pay your Home Owners Association fees using a credit card, or even pre-pay HOA fees for several months in advance. Use your credit card for your income taxes, property taxes, and insurance bills as well. A website called RadPad allows you to also pay your rent online using a credit card, even if your landlord doesn’t accept credit cards, although a fee will apply.

Pay Off Loans with Your Credit Card

You can pay student loans using a credit card through Navient, although they charge a $15 flat fee. You may be able to use your credit card to make auto loan payments, depending on your lender.

Pay For Business Expenses With Your Credit Card

If you are often required to make purchases for work using your company credit card, consider using your churning credit cards instead of the company card. Just make sure to check company policy and be certain that they will reimburse you; some employers require purchases to be made on your company card.

Manufactured Spending

If you’ve done all that, and you still aren’t going to hit the minimum spend requirements, it’s time to look at manufactured spending. A technique that allows you to, in theory, spend money without actually spending money, it involves making purchases on your credit card that can be turned into cash and then using that cash to pay off your card.

Start small. Try manufacturing $50 or $100 in spending first and see how it works out. More importantly, never devote more money than you can float to manufactured spending, in case something happens that delays your money. I can’t say it enough – the first rule of credit card churning is always pay off your credit card bill in full every single month.

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