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Your credit determines your financial life… your credit score is used by lenders almost exclusively to determine what you will pay for a loan.

It doesn’t matter if you have money in the bank or a well-paying job.

If your credit score isn’t excellent then you will pay a huge penalty on a mortgage, refinance, auto loan, credit cards, or any other type of loan.

How much more? Take a look…

How much does only ‘OK’ credit cost?


The difference between having just “OK” credit and excellent credit is huge.

Over a lifetime it easily adds up to several hundred thousand dollars.

That’s money that you can use to live a better life – take more vacations, pay for college education for your children, live in a bigger house, drive a nicer car, or invest for retirement.

And it’s even worse if you have bad credit, considered by lenders to be anything below 620. It’s extremely difficult (if not impossible) to get a mortgage, car loan, or a credit card at all with a credit score below this mark.

Luckily there are steps you can take to improve your credit – and in many cases improvement can be seen relatively quickly when you have the right education to guide you.

mike roberts
About the Credit Solution Program

Mike Roberts is the founder of the Credit Solution Program. He has seen how important understanding credit has been in improving his own life. And because of this Mike has dedicated himself to teaching others how to improve their lives by raising their credit score and taking control of their personal finances.

The Credit Solution Program is a unique system that aims to educate with engaging videos that are both informative and fun to watch. The content on the site and in CSP products is created by Mike Roberts and a team of subject matter experts.

We hope that you enjoy learning here.


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What are the steps to improving your credit?

You have to start by understanding where your credit score is.

So, the 1st step is awareness – take stock of your current credit situation, and this means understanding everything that’s on your credit reports today. Many people are surprised at what they find. Now, once you know what is on your credit report, the question is… why does it matter?And more importantly, what can be changed to have the biggest effect on your score as fast as possible?

You need to know how credit scoring works.


In order to learn what’s holding you back from having the highest possible scores, you need to know how credit scoring works.

Are you doing the right things to improve your score and keep your credit score high in the future?


You have to understand how to deal with problems.

Finally, you have to understand how to deal with any problems on your credit report. What kind of problems? Negative items like inquires, late payments, collections accounts, judgments, or even bankruptcy.

Often these will be reported in error. Each bad mark requires a different approach will affect your overall plan of attack.

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What happens when you
follow the Credit Solution Program?

1. We train you on the importance of credit.

Here we lay the foundation, so that you have the proper mindset to continue. This is not just about money either, employers, landlords, and insurance companies all use your credit score to make decisions that can have a big impact on your life.

According to MSN Money personal finance columnist Liz Pulliam Weston in her 2010 National Best Seller “Your Credit Score” – a series of small mistakes with credit can add up to $2M over a lifetime. After watching the first short video lesson, you will understand how this is possible.

And there is more that happens once you really understand what a great score is worth.

2. Understand what factors affect your score

Do you know all the factors that go into calculating a credit score? When you understand the 5 factors that are used to determine your score, you are instantly able to begin working on each to improve your score.

Most people with great credit have no idea how it got that way. So even if you have great credit already, this is a lesson you will not want to miss if you plan on keeping your credit high in the future.

3. Learn to interpret your credit report

You will learn where to get your credit reports and scores online, and how to understand each section of your report.

We will walk you through an exercise to classify any negative items according to the CSP system. This provides the framework from which you will form a personalized action plan.

Many people are confused about how to understand each section of a credit report. It’s no surprise really… did you know that if you have a lengthy credit history, your report can be over 20 pages long?

Understanding how to interpret all of this information about you is the first step toward improving it.

4. Regain control over your finances

Since June of 2011, in our research, we have surveyed over 21,238 people about their credit and problems with their financial health and we have received thousands of blog comments and emails from visitors to this site. Because of this, we have an in depth understanding of the variety of problems that you may be facing with your credit.

Find out how to deal with late payments or accounts that have gone to collections. We will explain your options for any debts that you have outstanding, and how each of those options may affect your credit score. You’ll learn what actions are the most important if you want to qualify for a loan in the near future.

5. Shape your actions to keep your score up

It’s frustrating to most people when they find out that just paying bills on time is not enough to insure that you will have an excellent credit rating. The credit scoring model is looking for a responsible use of credit, and while paying bills on time is a big part of that – it’s not enough.

What is the proper way to structure your credit history going forward?

Yes, in order to have the highest possible score, you have to actually plan out a strategy that the credit scoring model views as low risk. This means having the right number of credit cards and mix of credit types. We’ll show you how to use your credit effectively in order to score well.

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An Opportunity to Try the Credit Solution Program

Why are we giving away this Starter Kit for free?

The Credit Solution Starter Kit is a complete easy-to-use introduction to the Credit Solution Program.

Many people that try it decide to continue their training with us by ordering one of our home training programs.

It’s a win-win for both you and us.


Bad credit affects your life in powerful ways that are not just about what you can buy.

Having good credit means you will sleep better at night knowing that you’ve delivered financial security for you and your family.

So if you would like to see what the Credit Solution Program can do for your credit and for your life, go ahead and give it a try today by entering your email on this page. 

On this website we are giving away free

access to the Credit Solution Program Starter Kit. It contains everything you need to get started improving your credit today with the CSP method.

No prior experience is needed – you will get information that you can put to use right away.

After the first few video lessons, you will notice a feeling of relief – when you look back, you’ll realize the stress you felt about your credit, debt, and personal finances, came mostly from lack of knowledge and having no “action plan”.

Here’s what you get when you sign up.

What’s in the 6 Video Credit Solution Starter Kit?

Part 1:

Your Big Reason Why

You’ll begin your training with a step-by-step guide to figuring out how much a better credit score means to you. You’ll discover the true cost of bad credit and find out how to motivate yourself to change it.

Part 2:

5 Rules of Great Credit

The credit scoring model considers many aspects of your finances – it’s not just about paying bills on time. Learn the 5 Rules of credit scoring, and how to play the scoring game right to get an excellent score.

Part 3:

Know Your Consumer Rights

The players in the credit game include the creditor, the credit bureaus, and debt collectors. Learn the 3 laws that protect you against each of these players. Discover how you can use these laws to your benefit.

Part 4:

Better Credit the CSP Way

Discover what is most important for you to improve, and learn how you can approach each negative item. Here you will learn how to go through your credit report step by step using the CSP method.

Well not exactly like this!Part 5:

Goodwill Adjustments

The goodwill strategy can be effectively used for late payments showing on your credit reports. Learn the art of crafting an effective goodwill request by understanding how creditors operate and what motivates them.

Part 6:

Dealing with Debt Collectors

Collections accounts are one of the worst negative marks for your credit score. Learn how to deal with debt collectors, including how to get them to stop calling you.

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