Customer or Subscriber Experiences

Mike’s story and the stories of our customers or subscribers found throughout this site are real. However, these experiences should not be interpreted as typical results from our program or from our educational video seriesĀ or newsletter. In a 2015 study using past Credit Solution customers that followed our full program, the average result was 116 points improved in 7.5 months. The range of results reported was from 20 to 205 points improved in a time period between 1 to 24 months. However, there is no guarantee you will see the average result or any result at all. Results will vary based on credit history and motivation to follow our program.

How we Count Score Improvement

Score improvement is measured on either the Vantage or FICO scale. The number of points score improvement refers to the maximum improvement in score for any single credit bureau. For example, if a credit score was improved +70 points for Transunion, +95 points for Experian, and +30 points for Equifax, then the reported score improvement would be +95 points. This is the most accurate way to describe customer results because credit scores vary across different credit bureaus and often the problem is with a single bureau only.

Typical Results

We have taken great care to accurately represent all information provided and provide reasonable expectation of success. Even so, you should not interpret any results presented as typical. There is no guarantee that you will increase your credit score, have results from goodwill letters, or be successful in removing damaging items from your credit report. Your results may vary or may take longer than you would like. Results will be dependent on your individual effort to a great degree, your ability to avoid late payments, your ability to keep credit card balances low, your individual credit history, your negotiating skills, and your persistence.

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TheCreditSolutionProgram.com is a publisher of information for consumers related to all aspects of personal finance, with a goal of helping consumers achieve a better credit score, eliminate excessive debt, and live free of financial stress. Visitors are required to provide an email address only if they want access to exclusive newsletter content or get results delivered to them from an on site assessment. There are no other restrictions on this offer. Additional information is available to non-subscribers through our blog at no additional cost.

Legal or Professional Advice

The information provided on this site should not be taken as legal advice or professional advice on finance. Do not use the information as a substitute for professional advice from legal or certified financial planner professionals.

Credit Repair Services

Smart Consumer Solutions (TheCreditSolutionProgram.com) is not a credit repair organization as defined under federal or state law, including the Credit Repair Organizations Act. We do not provide “credit repair” services or personal advice or assistance regarding “rebuilding” or “improving” your credit score, credit report or credit rating. We do not offer personal consultation or individual coaching about your credit or personal finances of any kind.