About Us

The Credit Solution Program offers products available for purchase that can help you learn about credit scores, debt, and other aspects of personal finance.

In addition to the products available for purchase, we provide valuable information on credit and finances through our email newsletter, video series, and blog articles.

Our goal is to help you strengthen your credit profile, which is one of the most crucial financial decisions you can make. Our books and training products are designed to be convenient, personal, and effective. Our program helps you to understand consumer credit by simplifying complex topics and making the most important information more easily accessible.

Our company was founded with two key principles: First and foremost as an informational resource for consumers on credit, debt, and other personal finance topics. Secondly, we aim to entertain while educating. We know that it's often hard to get yourself focused to learn what you need to ultimately change your life for the better - so we strive to present our content in the most engaging way possible.

Meet Our Team

The Credit Solution Program is made possible by a dedicated team of people committed to alleviating the everyday stress of a low credit score. Everyone on our team brings their unique experience to help make your experience great.

Mike Roberts - Founder

Mike has seen how important understanding credit has been in improving his own life. As a result, Mike dedicated himself to teaching others how to improve their lives by raising their credit score and taking control of their personal finances. Mike is an experienced entrepreneur with a passion for knowledge. He’s also a bit of a self-improvement enthusiast, and enjoys sharing what he learns with others.

Craig Sartor - Technical Director

Craig is our expert in Marketing Analysis and all-around technology guru. His wide range of skills help us maintain our site, add new products and features, design new images and pages, and deliver our newsletter to your inbox like clockwork. When he’s not working hard on CSP, Craig writes music, plays hockey, and golfs.

Nick Veneris - Content Manager

Nick Veneris lives and breathes digital content. While steering our content strategy, he makes sure you are served with the most insightful articles in the personal finance industry. During his off-time he enjoys 80's horror films, collecting vinyl, and fishing.

Kristine Kilbourne - Communications Manager

Kristine uses her copywriting and marketing experience to provide valuable email content. She understands that your credit score is much more than just a number and works with the CSP team to make sure you’re getting the most from your personal finances. When Kristine isn’t working, she enjoys skiing, paddleboarding, reading, and exploring the Colorado mountains.

Charles Johnson - Product Manager

Charles is obsessed with creating high-quality products that provide immediate value for our customers. Leveraging his years of scrappy startup experience, Charles focuses on the "why", "what", and "when" of CSP products. When Charles was faced with his own financial challenges, rather than pay off $25,000 of debt the traditional way, he found lesser known strategies to life hack his way to debt freedom in only 4 months. When he's not interviewing customers and field testing new tactics, you can find Charles running barefoot with a huge smile on his face or listening to podcasts at 1.5X speed.

Jeannine Ursillo - Customer Relations

I have been working in the Customer Service field for 19 years. My goal is to make sure all of the customers needs are met. Happy customers is what makes my day complete. When not working I spend time with my kids and love to go for a run.

Contributing Authors

John Ulzheimer

John Ulzheimer is a nationally recognized expert on credit reporting, credit scoring and identity theft. He is the credit blogger for CreditSesame.com, Mint.com, CreditCardInsider.com and the National Foundation for Credit Counseling. Formerly of FICO and Equifax, John is the only recognized credit expert who actually comes from the credit industry.

Stephanie Taylor Christensen - Staff Writer

Stephanie Taylor Christensen has more than a decade of experience in financial services marketing, and holds a Master of Science degree in Marketing. She writes on personal finance, small business and career news for clients like ForbesWoman, Real Simple, Mint, Intuit Small Business, Minyanville, and SheKnows. She is also the founder of "Wellness on Less" and "Om for Mom Prenatal Yoga" in Columbus, Ohio.

Aaron Crowe - Staff Writer

Aaron Crowe has been a professional journalist for more than 25 years, working at newspapers and websites as a reporter, copy editor, and editor covering topics from government to personal finance. He has written for AOL, WalletPop, AARP, Bankrate, WiseBread, USC, LearnVest, Allstate, and various businesses. He currently works as a freelance journalist and specializes in personal finance reporting for websites. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and can be found on Twitter at @aaroncrowe, Facebook and his website, AaronCrowe.net.

Frank Addessi - Contributing Writer

Frank Addessi has been a serial entrepreneur and a licensed insurance agent for more than 20 years. He writes primarily about personal finance, small business and all types of insurance. His work has appeared on websites such as Smart Asset and The Simple Dollar. He can be found on his website frankaddessi.com.

Rebecca Lake - Contributing Writer

Rebecca Lake is a personal finance writer and blogger specializing in topics related to mortgages, retirement and business credit. Her work has appeared in a variety of outlets around the web, including Smart Asset and Money Crashers. You can find her on Twitter at @seemomwrite.

Miranda Marquit - Contributing Writer

Miranda is a freelance journalist specializing in topics related to personal finance, investing, entrepreneurship, and small business. Since receiving her M.A. in Journalism from Syracuse University, her work has appeared on a number of web sites including Wise Bread, U.S. News & World Report, Forbes, AllBusiness, and Huffington Post. She writes for the Equifax blog and the Quizzle blog, and has written extensively about credit, retirement, insurance, and taxes for a number of other corporate blogs and web sites. Follow Miranda on Twitter, @MMarquit, and check out her personal finance blog, Planting Money Seeds.

Jason Steele - Contributing Writer

Jason Steele is a freelance journalist specializing in credit cards and personal finance. His work has appeared in many of the top personal finance sites as well as mainstream outlets such as MSN Money, Yahoo Finance, and Business Insider.

Erica Sandberg - Contributing Writer

Erica Sandberg is a freelance editor at large, reporter, and advice columnist covering all things fundamental finance. She’s been KRON-TV’s on-air money and credit expert for over 15 years, and has appeared on virtually every national news show, from Fox to CNN. She hosts Making it with Erica, a video program highlighting ways to live adventurously on any budget.

Sandberg began her profession as a budget and debt adviser for Consumer Credit Counseling Service of San Francisco. After a decade and with the release of her groundbreaking book, Expecting Money: The Essential Financial Plan for New and Growing Families, she left to launch her current career.

A passionate industry spokesperson, Sandberg also represents some of the finest companies and products in the U.S., including Western Union, the Better Business Bureau, Bank of America, CVS Pharmacy, Chase Card Services, and Assurant Solutions.

(Sandberg is also an amateur hockey player, and is always available for a laugh and crash on the ice.)

Nick Jarman - Contributing Writer

Nick Jarman is President and COO at Delta Outsource Group, Inc. located in the metropolitan St. Louis, MO area. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for ACA International and is the past President of the Missouri Collectors Association. His operational focus is on bridging technology and analytics with real time workflow strategies in order to improve productivity, profits, and liquidation. He is adamant that the collection process must be done the “right way” and that collectors must always remain professional, respectful, and compliant. He also uses analytics to develop proprietary scorecards that evaluate collector, client, and overall company performance. He believes in management through open communication, creating a positive work culture, and establishing clear expectations with accountability.

Steve Bucci - Contributing Writer

Steve Bucci has been helping people decode and master personal finance issues for over 20 years. He is the author of Credit Management Kit For Dummies, Credit Repair Kit For Dummies, and Coauthor of Managing Your Money All-In-One For Dummies and Debt Repair Kit For Dummies (Australia). For over a decade he has authored a popular personal finance column. His advice has been featured on Fox Business News, Yahoo! Personal Finance, and countless newspapers across the nation.

Steve was formerly president of several nationally and internationally respected nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping the consumer wisely use credit. They include the Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS) of Rhode Island, the CCCS of Southern New England, and the Money Management International Financial Education Foundation. Steve has appeared regularly as a personal finance expert on Comcast and as an expert witness in credit and identity theft legal actions. He has been a presenter at the FICO InterACT Global Conference, the Federal Reserve and the International Credit Symposium at Cambridge University in the UK. He has served as director of the CDNE Education Foundation, the URI Center for Personal Financial Education, the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, the Better Business Bureau of Rhode Island, and National Network Non-Profit Services. Steve graduated from the University of Rhode Island at Kingston, where he received his BA and MA degrees.