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27 Work at Home Opportunities

Elizabeth Aldrich

Everyone wants to do it, but is it just a pipe dream that only a lucky few insta-famous mommy bloggers and tech nerds can actually attain?

Not at all! It’s 2017, and jobs are going virtual at 4G LTE speeds.

You don’t have to spend hours filling out surveys for a quarter, and you don’t have to harass all your friends on Facebook by pushing diet pills or marketing makeup to make money from home anymore. Here are 27 legitimate (and fun!) work at home opportunities.

  • Be someone’s Virtual Assistant

Behind every great internet entrepreneur, there’s an effective Virtual Assistant plugging away at home in their pajamas. According to leading freelance job board Upwork, Virtual Assistants are one of the fastest growing positions when it comes to online and freelance work.

Virtual Assistants can be tasked with just about anything, and the range of specialties they can develop is endless.

According to Melissa Smith, founder of The PVA, a virtual staffing agency that matches clients with the right Virtual Assistant, “Jobs and opportunities to work from home are everywhere. First, you must determine what you would do all day long even if you weren’t getting paid. Then determine who your ideal clients are and what they will gladly pay you for. The best jobs are the ones you create for yourself. If you are someone who excels in graphics, that’s a business. If you can create excellent Pinterest points and gain followers, that’s a business. If you can create meal plans, budgets, crafts, do it yourself videos, those are all businesses. Don’t worry that other people already have a similar business. Figure out what makes yours unique. In a world where there’s a Starbucks on every corner, you still have your favorite.”

  • Get paid to tweet and Instagram

According to Hootsuite, social media advertising budgets have doubled worldwide since 2014, and they’re expected to grow another 26.3% in 2017.

Companies like Emphatic and Writer Access hire Social Media Specialists and Social Media Managers to tweet and write Facebook and LinkedIn statuses for small businesses and major companies all over the world. Once you’ve got that down, you can start developing more lucrative skills like managing Instagram giveaways, running successful ad campaigns on Facebook, and using social media analytics.

  • Help students with their homework

If you have a background in education, are a university student, or you’re just a trivia geek who knows a lot, you might be able to make money by helping students with their homework online.

Websites like Tutors.com and WyzAnt hire people who can pass online subject tests to offer tutoring services to members in those subjects.

At eNotes.com, you can apply to become an “Educator”, and they will pay you to upload study guides and answer questions from students in their “Homework Help” section. The better your answer, the more you make, but all answers must be researched and well-written.

  • Find side hustles on Reddit

Believe it or not, the popular forum website Reddit actually has entire sections or “subreddits” dedicated to job postings for remote work and side gigs. Some of the best places to browse for opportunities to make extra money online are ForHire, SlaveLabour, WorkOnline, and BeerMoney. You can also advertise your services on these forums.

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Elizabeth Aldrich

Elizabeth Aldrich

Elizabeth is a freelance writer and “digital nomad” specializing in small business, entrepreneurship, career advice, real estate, travel, arts, and culture. She’s written for outlets as varied as Rawckus Music and Arts Magazine, Itcher Entertainment, Sweden Tips, Houzz, Hometalk, JobHero, Tico Times, and Eugene Weekly. Thanks to a three-year stint in a travel job, a knack for mining great deals, and credit card churning, she has not paid for a single flight since 2012, despite her constant travels. You can find her on Twitter @LizzieAldrich or her website, www.elizabethaldrich.com.

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  • I have been a hairstylist for the last 18 years, and have often thought of starting a business that would allow people to basically make appointments online with a licensed professional hairstylist who would be able to somehow bring the salon experience to them. Possibly converting small RVs into mobile hair salons. For those clients that are bound to their homes offer services to them as well that would allow them to still feel “human”, by getting a simple hair cut. Any suggestions on how to make my ideas a reality?? Finances are my biggest hurdle. I’m a single mom with 2 small children, I’m So extra money is not something that I have lying around.

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