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How to Hit Spend Requirements While Credit Card Churning

It’s also very important that your manufactured spending is not processed as a cash advance in order to avoid additional fees and hits to your credit, and it can happen sometimes if you’re not careful. Read more about this here.

Funding A Bank Account With Your Credit Card

A handful of banks out there will allow you to open a new checking account and fund it with a credit card. Of course, there is a limit (usually $500-$1,500), and you can only do this once. But it’s an easy way to manufacture $1,000 if you’re close to hitting a minimum spend. However, sometimes this transaction is processed as a cash advance, which you want to avoid, so read up on what banks do and don’t process it as such.

Buying Gift Cards with Your Credit Card

This is perhaps the most talked about form of manufactured spending, although it has seen increasing limitations in recent years.

If you can find a place that allows you to use a credit card to purchase, say, a Visa giftcard, and they allow you to purchase them in high amounts ($500+), you may be able to make this work. Sometimes, you may go to a store that doesn’t have a corporate policy against using credit cards to purchase gift cards and still be turned away by a clerk or manager who is worried about people using this technique to commit fraud, so it can get tricky.

Even if you get the cards, you’ll still have to liquidate them to pay off your credit cards. Many cards can be used as debit cards once you set a PIN for them, at which point you could use them to purchase a money order or load up a reloadable prepaid card that allows you to pay credit card bills with them. If you’re lucky, and your bank allows you to pay your bill using a debit card, these gift cards might actually work directly.

As you can probably tell, this is a complex technique, and we encourage you to do more reading before jumping in.

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