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8 Hacks to Travel the World on the Cheap

Beth Trach
Written by Beth Trach

Is seeing the world one of your dreams, or have you given up on taking trips to exotic locations because you’re sure it won’t fit into your budget? Good news: Globetrotting doesn’t have to break the bank — as long as you’re willing to be flexible and plan in advance to take advantage of the best possible deals.

If you’ve always assumed that that vacation abroad was out of reach, try the tips below to score a new adventure for a whole lot less.

  1. Keep Your Travel Dates Open

One of the best ways to travel for cheap is to remain completely open when it comes to the timing of your trip so you can plan your travel around the serendipity of an amazing deal. In general, traveling on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are the cheapest. You can also save by planning your trip for off-peak seasons. By shifting your travel dates, you can save a lot on both airfare and hotel rooms.

  1. Let Price Dictate Your Destination

If you don’t have the kind of job that lets you pick up and go whenever it’s convenient, try being flexible about your destination instead. Use SkyScanner to search for every possible destination from the airport of your choosing. Sure, maybe you’ve always wanted to go to London, but if you could find tickets to Dublin for half the price, why not do it?

Pro Tip: For even bigger savings, don’t enter a departure airport in SkyScanner, but just choose “United States” instead. If you can get to the hub offering a cheap flight for less than booking a multi-leg trip, you win.

  1. Commit to a Domestic Carrier

To save on domestic flights, pick an airline that has lots of direct flights out of your nearest airport and go all-in on earning frequent flyer miles. The fastest way to earn miles is through a travel rewards credit card that gives you points for all your purchases. Choose one with a low annual fee and use it for everything to rack up miles quickly — just make sure you pay it off in full each and every month, or any potential travel savings will be undone by interest charges.

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Beth Trach

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