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10 Easy Ways to Start Your Savings

9. Make some adjustments in how you pay your taxes. To my readers who need a dash of fear to help them along I offer the following: over withholding on your taxes has always been a big negative in the eyes of many. Yet the downside of giving the IRS an interest free loan of your money may not be so bad today. Given the next-to-nothing interest rates available at your bank, very little is being given up to add to your IRS withholding rate.

The positive result is forced savings and the comfort of knowing that not only will you not owe the Feds, but that you are virtually assured of a fat refund in April. Just in time for vacation planning or to kick start your emergency savings!

10. My last tip is to buy a Sunday newspaper. I know this is so twentieth century and newspapers are dying, so not only will you be saving jobs, but you’ll get some valuable coupons in the process. Alternatively, you can check out on line coupons at places like www.coupons.com or www.retailmenot.com where you can put in a few minutes and come up with $20 in savings every week. That’s the equivalent of a $1,445 raise.

Need some help or inspiration to get going on your savings? I like groups such as America Saves (www.americasaves.org) and for women, Women’s Institute for Financial Education (www.wife.org).

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