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The Truth About Co-Signing For a Loan

If the loan is approved, the account will show up on both your credit reports. That means the payment history and the balance will also be factored into your score. As long as the person you cosigned for is paying the loan on time, then there may not be any negative consequence to your score. If they skip out on paying, however, then you could quickly end up in poor credit territory.

There are several different credit scoring models but one thing they have in common is the fact that payment history carries a lot of weight in score calculations. When you have multiple late payments on your credit because the person you helped to get the loan defaulted, that can wreak havoc on your score. Having an account go to collections or worse–end up as part of a court judgment–can be even more devastating. Negative items can stay on your credit report for seven years, meaning you have to deal with the after effects of cosigning over the long term.

Even if you step in and begin making payments on a loan that the primary borrower defaulted on, you can’t erase any late payments that are already on your credit report. Besides that, having an extra loan on your credit history can also affect your chances of getting approved for new credit down the line. If you’re planning to buy a home, for example, the lender will include the cosigned loan in your debt-to-income ratio (DTI) calculations. If the loan pushes your DTI too high, you could have trouble getting approved for a mortgage.

Reality #3: Cosigning can ruin more than just your credit

There are few things that can sour a relationship faster than an argument over money and cosigning can be a fast track to financial disagreements. If the borrower isn’t holding up their end of the bargain by making the loan payments and making them on time, you may start to resent having cosigned in the first place and before you know it, you’ve wrecked your credit and your relationship.

Adding someone to one of your credit cards as an authorized user is one alternative to consider if they’re simply trying to build credit. Again, though, you have to remember that you’re the one who’s on the hook for any purchases they make. In that scenario, you might suggest that they look into a secured credit card instead. A secured credit card requires a cash deposit up front but you don’t need a cosigner to get approved for one of these cards. That way, there’s no pressure on you to let someone else borrow money based on your good credit.

A good way to think about cosigning is to ask yourself whether you’d be willing and able to make the loan payments if the other person either can’t or won’t. If you’re comfortable shouldering that responsibility, creating some type of accountability or at least making sure that you have full access to the loan account can give you a measure of protection. Just be aware that it doesn’t completely eliminate any risk you may be taking on by cosigning.

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  • I’m in such a turmoil right now because of my own spending behavior. Credit cards, and late payments. I was going to ask my mom to co-sign for a $5K loan to get everything caught up, but I hate rejection. So I’m going to have to figure out a way to catch up everything, step by step. With God’s help, I’m going to make it right. I may lose a credit card or two, but I must make it right and build my score back up.

  • Co-signing is like giving your life to another being to protect. If they pay on time and in full you are ok, but, if they do the thing most of them do … you are screwed.

    Having access to your social security number from the contract you signed … they can even open other credit. NEVER co-sign … for anybody. If you can lend them the money to make the purchase … have them sign a note with reasonable interest so you can take a loss on your tax return if they won’t pay.

  • I co-signed a car loan for my brother. A mistake. It went well at first when the bills were coming to me. But then he changed the billing address and then it all went off the rails. He defaulted and I ended up paying off the balance. It took years before I got everything straightened out. Never again.

  • Yes my credit was ruined by my Son and Daughter-in-law. They took out two loans in my name, social security and home address. My Daughter-in-law was a division manger at the financial company where the loans were taken out and talked my Son into signing the two contracts not my name. I lost my home of 41 years to foreclosure. Lie after lie my Daughter-in-law told over the years thinking things were going to work out. Boy I found out real hard that that $188,000 ruined my life. I had always paid my bills on time or ahead of time. Now I can not get anyone is see my side of the story. I have been ruined, no credit what so ever or can not get any.

  • So, not everyone needing a co-signer is in that condition because of their own behavior! Me, as a prime example! I spent my entire adult life struggling to make ends meet at jobs paying just above minimum wage. I worked hard while supporting my family. Then just before reaching retirement age, my wife first, be came critically ill, then passed away. About four years later, I suffered a severe stroke. Suddenly there is NO income, and a mountain of medical bills going unpaid. Needless to say, my credit score went into the toilet!

    Now I need a car. Not a fancy car! Just transportation. A 14 year old car, with nearly 200K miles on it! Well, relying on my credit score alone–even after working all my life–living in the same community for 40+years, if it took only a quarter to travel around the world, I’m not able to borrow enough to get me out of sight!!!!!!!!!!! Just saying!!!! Sometimes we need help even though it’s not all our own fault!!!

    • Well said vwry vwry well
      Said !!! Many many people havw has mo chice but to fall victim to societys
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  • Thanks for this free advice. Excellent site. It’s hard to believe there are no hidden charges or resource materials to purchase to get this valuable information. I pray that you will continue to be bless in this endeavor to help others.
    Sincerely ,

  • I no whot I mean now ,I co -signed for two people to get a car one kept thear end up but the other defalted on the loan an left me hanging ,they new I spent a lot time an money to straightening up my credit they wear making good money at the time an thear roomate was working to .insted of calling the bank an see whot could be done they take the car to an car dealer leave there in the lot an bye a older car an don’t bother to call the bank that they defalted on to tell them wear it is insted I had to call them an tell them wear it is an now I get the phone calls an threatening letters .I told them that it mess up thears as well as mine but they dont care .both her an her roomate r out of a job because of her big mouth an my credit that I worked so hard to fix is gone .I know they have money in the bank still.can I fight this in any way .please tell me . T U

  • I was never able to get my credit reports from any of the 3
    companies as you said in your first e-mail for $1 each
    altho I tried several
    several times. They are want at least $19.95 and it;s a hazzle
    What am I doing wrong.

  • I had a close friend that was going to co-sign for me but instead he helped me pay off everything i had in collections on my credit report so I could try to get a higher credit score and get a loan on my own and I am glad he didn’t now after reading this lol !

  • Thank you for all you advice. I have learned so much by reading your articles. I’ve also improved my credit by utilizing the tools you have provided! The best part about all of this is your advice is completely free and I can’t thank you enough for that. I sincerely appreciate you taking time out of your life to help people like me who was in desperate need of credit repair. I went from low 500 scores to high 600 or low 700 which is absolutely great in my opinion. I will continue to read/utilize your articles as well as informing anyone I possibly can about all your knowledge and help with repairing ones credit.

  • Your articles are very interesting. They teach me many solutions and or resources to improve my credit. I truly appreciate this site. Thank you.

  • Amen to your report on the worst credit mistake to make. Been there, did that! Hurt my credit for years. Finally got out by selling the house (and losing 25K).

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